Research & Design centers and universities are using DEL imaging systems to provide critical breakthroughs from microelectronics to medical advances.

Slow motion image of bat

Slow motion image of bat

International Neuroscience Workshop

International Neuroscience Workshop

Common applications for research include:

  • Microelectronics testing including:
    • Wet chemical application / row analysis
    • Vibration and impact analysis
    • Drop testing
    • Packaging evaluation
    • Interaction of parts
  • PHDs in experimental biology will do a variety of medical testing, for example:
    • Needle research with non-puncturing skin techniques
    • Water jet spray testing through the small things like pores
    • Vocal cord testing with pigs
    • Artificial valve testing including water and blood flow rates with data acquiring sensors (before and after valve implementation)
  • Research on absorption of paper towels, napkins, diapers, and feminine products

Clients include:

Testing is often done in conjunction with government grants or funding from corporations to universities and medical companies.

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Penn State
  • MIT Lincoln Labs
  • NYU Voice Center
  • Springfield Institute of Technology
  • Harvard Medical School
  • First Quality Paper Products

Sample Videos:

Camera systems we recommend:

XStream Mini Series, Os Series and XStream 1440 PCIe 3.0, 2 System Stereo XStream, all with integrated 120E LEDs

Key Benefits:

  • In depth analysis through high resolution imaging with high speed imaging allowing measurements down to the micron level
  • Smallest most compact to easily use in microscopic research
  • New streaming capability with continuous live and record to not miss or document your findings

Case Studies