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DEL Imaging Systems LLC provides cutting-edge, high-speed video cameras and motion analysis products and services to scientists, engineers, and professionals. Here are the markets we serve:


Systems for Vehicle Impact Testing, Sled and Side Impact Testing, Infant Car Seat Testing, automotive barrier testing, & much more.

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Systems diagnose manufacturing & packaging lines & determine mechanical failure which, when resolved, saves 1000s of dollars.

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Systems for aircraft, drones, ascending gear, & weapons systems. Designs for military research labs, NASA, & government defense agencies.

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Systems provide critical breakthroughs from microelectronics to
nanotechnology to military/space exploration to medical advances.

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Assisting companies & engineers to improve product design & machine design using synchronized high speed images & 3D analysis.

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4K resolution High Speed Cameras combined with new pulsed high intensity Constellation LED lighting systems provides rapid feedback.

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