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DEL Imaging Systems helps to improve product design and machine design. Companies, mechanical, and product engineers use synchronized high speed images to sensor data and 3D analysis to provide critical results.

Common applications for design projects include:

Shampoo Bottle Drop

Shampoo Bottle Drop

Product, package & machine design

  • Product design, such using drop tests to determine mobile phone battery failures.
  • Testing cell phone covers for both protection and potential breakage
  • Materials temperature tests (for example, is light bulb glass more susceptible to breaking or exploding using synchronize images with “Matlab” heat transducer values)
  • Materials stress tests (for example: how many pounds per pressure(3D analysis with Kessler transducer values) over time causes breakage or defects when the material is hit with a hammer?)
  • Testing for packaging issues, such as leaks (for example: how do orange juice containers that open in the middle of the carton perform over time?)
  • Machines that manufacture an entire packs of gum (including the individual pieces wrapping, the entire packaging, and the plastic opener designs)
  • Baby seat safety testing
  • Helmet design for football players to protect heads from concussions
  • Helmet for strength and safety use sync’d data acquisition to meet OSHA regulations
  • Windshield shattering testing to determine point of failure by shooting at 3000 fps or higher
  • Airbag testing shooting at 4000 frames per second at minimum is required by the government

Medical applications

  • Tools and devices for doctors (including sutures and stitching guns)
  • Tests with knee replacement materials with hammers
  • Slow motion skin tests (see how little pressure is needed to to cut and pierce skin with scalpel designs)
  • Vocal cords testing with flexible boroscopes integrated with high speed camera systems
  • Sync’d Images to sensor data for testing glucose absorption rate in blood testing for diabetes research
  • Needle testing for delivering the correct amount of medication

Camera systems for design

  • XStream Mini Series and Os Series
    With optional high intensity integrated LEDs including 120E, 160B and highest output 500F.  All controlled and synchronized by any of the high-speed cameras.

    • Provides high definition imagery
    • Superior color requirement solutions
    • Offers low light camera options
    • Provides high speed rates
    • Superior system for Material and Drop Tests
      • Example: Google Pixel Phone Hardware Test Labs

Complete integrated systems

DEL also assists with complete integrated systems:

  • Data acquisition systems
  • 2D and 3D motion analysis
  • Special high magnification and microscopic optics
  • Comprehensive training

Clients we serve:

Here are some of our design clients:

  • Motorola
  • International Paper
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Critikon
  • 3M
  • NYU
  • Pittsburgh Glass
  • BAE Systems
  • Johns Hopkins University