About Us

DEL Imaging Systems LLC provides cutting-edge, high-speed video cameras and motion analysis products and services to scientists, engineers, and professionals specializing In six key markets:

  • Defense and Aerospace
  • University and Corporate R&D
  • BioMedical and BioEngineering Research, Devices and Testing
  • Manufacturing Machine & Product Design, Packaging and Production Troubleshooting
  • Material Testing
  • Media, Movie Production, Sports Entertainment


We also work with:

  • Aircraft and Weapons Testing Research & Development
  • Airborne Weapon Separation testing
  • Vehicle Crash Testing
  • Product design & testing
  • Drop tests
  • Machine inspection
  • Quality assurance
  • Biomechanics motion analysis systems
  • Product testing
  • Production troubleshooting
  • Packaging- bottling, canning, plastics and bagging
  • Animal locomotion studies
  • Fracture analysis
  • Microelectronics design and testing
  • Sports injuries, Medical,Orthopaedics, Vocal cord studies, FDA certification
  • Athletic Performance
  • 3-D studies- Mars Lander, Research on workplace injuries, Medical device implementation


DEL also supplies unique solutions for high speed imaging of airborne weapon systems, and for use in airborne manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as well as providing complete systems with 3-D Motion Analysis software and state of the art LED, fiber optic and HMI Lighting Systems.