SAFETY is King

DEL Imaging Systems specializes ultra–compact, Low weight on-board camera systems for vehicle impact testing, sled and side impact testing as well as off-board high resolution 4K( Os-4K) Full car impacts.

Common applications for automotive testing include:

Auto Safety - Engineer prepares DEL Imaging Systems NX System for on-board crash test.

Auto Safety – Engineer prepares DEL Imaging Systems NX System for on-board crash test.


  • Frontal Crash Tests and Forward Collision Testing
  • Side Crash Tests
  • Perpendicular and Oblique side impact testing
  • Car crash impact testing performed by crashing into facility barriers and other cars
  • Head Restraints, Neck injury avoidance and Seat Tests
  • Sled Testing
  • Rollover Testing, Cab Integrity Testing and Rollover Airbag Testing
  • Full Car Impacts with Off-Board 4K High Resolution Imaging
  • Airbag Deployment- Driver, side, curtain, lower extremity, and Knee bolster
  • Airbag Inflator Testing and sensor testing
  • Crash dummy impacts for inside crashes and all around crashing for small and large cars to test for survivability
  • Measuring impacts of crashes with Jersey barriers,  Barrier Block Testing
  • Impacts of exit ramp barrels for materials and safety
  • High speed Track Testing
  • Truck,  Emergency Vehicle Testing  and Motorcycle crash testing
  • Fuel System components testing
  • Tire Blow-out Safety Testing
  • Snow Test and Crash  Avoidance Testing
  • Off-Road Testing

Design & materials

  • Sled testing of baby seats for performance and survivability ratings and qualifications
  • Sled testing of Driver and Passenger seats for comfort and safety
  • Measuring the impact of Gs during car crashes
  • Analysis of seat belts for materials and the ability to keep riders safe
  • Testing of air bags for materials, safety, and sensors
  • Testing of new car materials and their effects and usage
  • Fuel Injection and Fuel Spray Testing
  • Brake testing
  • Tire Testing
  • Motorcycle Helmet Impact and Safety Testing
  • Latch Testing and Evaluation
  • Vibration Testing for Sound materials
  • Structural Test
  • Instron Testing
  • Manufacturing and Design of Automotive Glass
  • Manufacturing and Design of Ignition Systems & Remote Keyless Entry Systems

Auto Sled test – Images shows positioning of Two NX Cameras, one above and another frontal view, after baby Sled Test.


  • Injury Research and Prevention
  • Testing on how to secure bridges better to make them safer
  • Combustion testing with movements within car engines (power and gasoline tests)
  • Mechanical and chemical engineering automotive tests
  • Use of Applied Mechanics

Our clients

Notable automotive clients include:

  • Insurance Institute of Highway Safety
  • Graco
  • Pennsylvania Institute of Transportation Research
  • The United States Government
  • Universities may also have sled testing facilities, such as the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia(link),
  • University of Pennsylvania  and Rowan University
  • PMG Technologies and Canada Transport
  • Borg Warner Automotive
  • Pittsburgh Glass Works
  • TRW Automotive
  • AEDC
  • Delphi Automotive

Cameras we like for automotive

Small onboard cameras we recommend for automotive testing include:

  • The slow motion video capabilities help to determine any faults in the systems during testing
  • Provides lowest mass and ultra-compact high resolution on board imaging
  • Off- Board Full Broadcast Quality high speed imaging(link Os Series, Os7Series and XS Mini/CCM)
  • Highest and most accurate measurement capability due to small micron pixels
  • The inbuilt battery allows clients to offload images in 1-2 hours
  • Low weight in-car and exterior installations will not affect testing requirements
  • Systems include automatic backup
  • Remote triggering and Image Capture
  • Provides superior tools for engineers and researchers