Engineers, Scientists and Researchers LOVE these INTEGRATED LEDS

Uniquely Integrated, Synchronization And Pulsed With High Speed Imaging For All
Four Great Options:  120MiniC, 160B Mini, 120E and 500E LED Systems

Ultra-High All Powerful Synchronous Constellation 500F LED (Very, Very bright for R&D Labs & more)

The Constellation 500F offers a high intensity luminous output with sync in allows control from Constellation Access Point controller and is well suited for applications which require quiet and efficient lighting.

Extensive control options include DMX, WiFi, IRIG, Gate, Sync and LAN.

The Constellation 500F comes standard with a LED color temperature of 5000K and 24° beam angle reflector. Optional interchangeable 18-degree beam angle reflectors is also available.

Some Current Customers: Army Research Lab APG. Sandia National Labs. Naval Research

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miniConstellation 120 & 160B MiniC (Optional Battery Power)

The miniConstellation 120 offers a high intensity luminous output in a compact form-factor that is optimal for illumination in tight spaces. The unit provides a wide range of operating temperatures thanks to its built-in active cooling. When using several lights in a cluster, such as area illumination, a Constellation Access Point is available to provide power and extensive control options via Ethernet, USB and WiFi®. The miniConstellation120 comes standard with an LED color temperature of 5000K and a 28° beam angle reflector. Optional color temperatures and beam angles are available. Requires accessories. Check packages to operate.

Select model by beam angle
28°, 48°, & 74° 82°

And by color temperature

Basic Configuration
miniConstellation 120 5000K (Standard) – CCT5000K
Model Color Temp. Beam Angle
Choice of:
2700K – CCT2700K
3000K – CCT3000K
3500K – CCT3500K
4000K – CCT4000K

28° (Standard) – BA28
48° – BA48
74° – BA74
82° – BA82

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Constellation Access Point(CAP-1) For 120MiniC and 120w Constellation Heads

capThe Constellation Access Point is a multi-purpose device suited for operation with the Constellation MiniC120 LED  and original 120w Constellation LED luminary heads.

The primary function is that of an 8-port power source providing control with 4 independent channels with pairs of luminary heads sharing each channel.

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IDT 120E Series

cache_2458651186High intensity LED light for standalone applications

Constellation 120E offers intelligent digital illumination in one economical package. Support for continuous and strobe modes as well as availability in multiple beam angles makes this the perfect multipurpose light. The C120E’s sync-in port accepts incoming pulses from a camera or signal generator and sync-out allows for daisy-chaining of multiple luminaires from the Veritas Constellation Series. The Constellation 120E comes standard with a color temperature of 6200K and a 15° beam angle lens.

The Constellation 120E is a self contained LED light head (built in controller). The compact size and high light output make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

  • White Light, daylight colour temperature
  • Opertating temperature -40 to 70 degC
  • 12,700 lumens output (continuous)
  • 22,000 lumens output (pulsed)
  • Beam angle 15 degrees (std), 28 degrees (optional)

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IDT 12LED Head Light System

Discontinued Model

12led-head-lightThe 12LED system is offered to those users that require maximum flexibility. The system can configured with up to 4 compact light heads each comprising a total of 12 ultra bright LED’s. The ON/OFF and dimming function programmable via the USB or WIFI interfaces. All 4 light heads are connected to a controller to deliver continuous or pulse operation. The controller allows for independent configuration of intensity of each light head. For applications that require color illumination the lights heads are offered with white, red, green and blue led’s. The controller also features automatic detection of the color led’s in the12LED heads automatically adjusts its operating condition.

  • No Heat Output. Ideal for numerous high speed applications such as material studies, fluid dynamics, animals studies, fuel injection sprays, and bioengineering or any high magnification, looking through glass or lexan, or imaging where tight locations becomes a factor.
  • Very Small, Rectangular Design. Easy to start with one or Dual LED system and grow the number of heads.
  • Light Output Options. The system features both continuous and for additional light output —Integrated synchronization with a high speed imaging systems.
  • Optimized Lighting Output. Designed by high speed imaging manufacturer, IDT, to optimize lighting output.

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