Production Analysis Systems from DEL Imaging allows companies to troubleshoot issues when producing products. Similar to design, we help project engineers on the production line.

Common applications for manufacturing include:

  • Equipment design and modification
  • Machine failure diagnostics:
    • Is the machine down?
    • Is the machine damaged?
  • Production monitoring
    • Is the line down?
    • Is the line jammed?
  • Overfill and underfill analysis
  • Testing for food processes, such as:
    • Can assembly, conveying, and transfer testing
    • Carton, case packing, and gluing
    • Pouching, bagging, and wrapping
    • Cutting, chopping, and grinding
  • Glass or plastic bottle transport and washing
  • Testing to avoid product waste (for example: paper towels thickness / determining the correct number of sheets per roll)
  • Pharmaceutical packaging (for example: bandaids)

Sample Video:

Clients We Serve

  • Pittsburgh Glass
  • Nestle Water
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Avery Dennison
  • First Quality Products
  • Siemens Healthineers

Cameras We Recommend for Manufacturing

Production Motion Analysis Systems including XStream 1440 with Industrial Controller and XStream Mini Series

Key Benefits

  • Cost Savings through less production downtime,  less time for line and product changeovers and versatile to use throughout your manufacturing facility.
  • Advanced “changes in image” triggering and from sensors/voltages from your production line