XStream Mini

XStream Mini

NEW XStream Mini (XSM Miniature) High Resolution Series 5k High Speed Imaging is HERE!

The XStream mini Series camera is a miniature high frame rate camera available in 5 different image configurations supporting up to 5K resolution and up to 5,350 fps in HD full resolution. For easy operation, the camera heads effortlessly integrate with the XStream RT, Real-Time Image Acquisition and Processing Unit or the XStream Time Capsule. The XStream RT integrates with a PC via IDT’s RT Thunderbolt 3 or PCI 3 interface for continuous image processing and streaming to SSDs. The IDT 8K Video Capture System allows for Simultaneous image transfer to Thunderbolt 3 computer.

XS Mini Long Record Time System Via Time Capsule Recorder incredible with up to 5K High Resolution

Configure the XStream mini with the XStream Time Capsule for an all-in-one experience of real-time storage and concurrent LIVE and SLOW MOTION playback images. All XS Mini Cameras come standard with a C-mount lens mount or can be optionally configured with a motorized Micro Four Thirds mount.

Time Capsule Recorder comes in 8 Terabytes(TB), 16 TB and 32GB on board Storage.

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At A Glance

Smallest Self High-Speed Camera with Continuous Streaming

Actual Size: 58x47x 44 mm, 2.28×1.85 x 1.73 inches
Approx. Weight 0.20 kg or 0.45 lbs
Motorized Camera Control with C-mount or Micro Four Thirds Mount

XStream Mini Modules

XSM-1540:1440 x 1024 up to 4,700 Frames per second
XSM-HD:1920 x 1080 up to 5,350 frames per second
XSM-3520:2560 x 1440 up to 2,400 frames per second
XSM-4K Veloce:3840 x 2160 up to 1000 frames per second
XSM-5K: 5120 x 2880 up to 400 frames per second
XSM-4K with Time Capsule: 3840 x 2160 up to 500 frames per second
Effortlessly interchangeable with continuously high date rate streaming

Sensor Resolution (XSM Series)

Up to 90,000 fps at reduced resolution:
5120 x 2880(XSM-5K)
3840 x 2160(XSM-4K Veloce)
2560 x 1440(XSM-3520, XSM-HD (1920 x 1080)
1440 x 1024(XSM-1540)
Camera’s power, data and synchronization through single USB C cable

New Integrated Design

XSM Integrated with Workstation or Thunderbolt 3 RT Adapter to Laptop
IDT 8K Video Capture for Simultaneous Image Transfer/Concurrent Live and Slow Motion playback

Extended Record Time

Up to 8, 16, and 32 GB with IDT Time Capsule Record Module.

Fastest Full Frame Streaming Rates

Fast frame rates over 5,350 fps at full resolution, higher at partial frames

Analysis for engineers and researchers

Highest Detail for most accurate measurements with 3.9 micron square pixels
LabVIEW™, MATLAB® and Adobe plug-ins

600 nanosecond inter-frame time in double exposure mode

Short Integration and PIV option for ultra high motion blur reduction

Flexible Triggering and Recording Options

Enables record and capture of both controlled and intermittent events.

Intuitive Camera Control and Motion Analysis Software

MotionStudio Software Controls multiple cameras and accurately analyzes high-speed motion events on Windows or MAC OS software with Motion Inspector.

10X Gigabit Ethernet

Operate camera from remote locations with fast downloads via 10X Gigabit Ethernet

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