DEL Imaging Production Analysis System

For High-Speed Production & Packaging Troubleshooting

The DEL Imaging Production Analysis System (DPAS) is a unique, high-speed event capture and analysis system for production and packaging environments. DPAS offers slow-motion playback and analysis of video images as a tool for monitoring and diagnosing production line failures. Line faults or stoppages can automatically trigger the DPAS system to record high-speed digital images of the events and store them as AVI files. DPAS requires no intervention to capture virtually unlimited numbers of events, always leaving the line operator free to focus on restoring the line to production.

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At A Glance

Production Line Monitoring and Analysis

DPAS, an automated system, when triggered by a line fault, records an event then resets itself and waits for the next line fault.

Networked Systems

One or more DPAS systems may be attached to a network for remote access and analysis of captured events on video.

DPAS is network-ready. This means that event videos may be automatically stored on any PC on the network. Multiple DPAS systems may download to a single “review station,” central server or archive library. An engineer logged on to the network from a remote plant or office can conveniently monitor an event or series of events.

The Advanced DPAS system adds Data Acquisition and Spreadsheet Analysis Modules to the system. These modules enhance DPAS by capturing data from external sensors such as tachometers, accelerometers, pressure transducers, etc. for Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet analysis and for synchronous display during playback of video images. A unique data cursor tracks graphical data in a separate window during video playback.

Accessories including lighting, lenses, tripods, sensors, additional cameras, and motion triggers are available for the completion of a custom turnkey solution for your high-speed imaging needs

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