IDT Os Series V3 Compact Digital Cameras

The IDT Os Series camera
2-camera IEEE 1588 PTP IRIG Server
OSA Airborne/Underwater Camera with removable fan

A “state-of-the-art” CMOS sensor combined with the most advanced features we and our customers could think of, resulted in a new product line: the Os-series with expanded 4K capability.

Available Models:

  • Os ”sealed” Series with optional “inbuilt” SSD up to 1 Terabyte storage,
  • O Series with removable SSD Modules with lockable SSD enclosure
  • OSA Airborne Series with passive cooling and Mission Mode up to 64 unmanned trigger recordings.

The OS(O and OSA) Series cameras are compact, rugged (200Gs), and have the most integrated image storage among the small form factor cameras – 32GB of DDR and up to 1TB of non-volatile memory. OS cameras are configured with active cooling and an angled side connector. IDT’s latest CMOS sensor technology produces extremely low-noise images with up to 12-bit mono or 36-bit color. Power supply and breakout cable for easy out-of-the-box operation are included.

PTP (Precision Time Protocol) – IEEE 1588 PTP (Precision Time Protocol) is inbuilt in all Os Series andGPS/IRIG frame marking and synchronization is also available.

Typical Applications

Aerospace / Underwater – The OSA series camera is airborne, underwater and UAV ready out of the box. It’s the the latest series to replace airborne film cameras. The rugged packaging provides immunity to hi-G shock and vibration. IP68-sealing and a sealed lens tube allows for operation underwater and in extreme temperature variations. This new platform is the product of IDT’s groundbreaking engineering efforts of developing the first high-speed camera in space, tailored for the Orion spacecraft missions.

Automotive – The Os10-4K and Os7 Series models are ideal for high resolution, off board applications (Exclusive New Techology).

PIV Image Acquisition – 4K image quality with double exposure and short integration times make the Os10-4k the best solution for typical PIV applications such as spray and particle imaging.

Special Effects and media production – 3G HDSDI video output is available for Ultra High Definition Creation.

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At A Glance

Small Micron Pixel Image Quality

Most Accurate High Speed Measurement Capability In the Industry!

State of the Art Onboard Solid State Memory

Three cameras in one!

  • Immediate Backup
  • Streaming (Long Record Times)
  • Mission Mode (Remote Triggering for up to 64 Events)

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Compact Size & Rugged for Extreme Conditions

Os cameras can fit in your hand!

Immunity to hi-G shock and vibration makes it well suited for Automotive, Airborne, and Aerospace Industries.

Special Field Os Camera Available for Underwater Applications

Image Resolution

Up to 4K (3840 x 2400 pixels).
4 Times that of Hi Definition. With HDSDI video out.

Frame Rates

Full frame rates up to 8,000 fps, partial. Frame rates up to 194,000 fps with short integration capability (200 nsec exposure)

PTP Built In

PTP (Precision Time Protocol) – IEEE 1588 PTP (Precision Time Protocol) is inbuilt in all Os Series and GPS/IRIG frame marking and synchronization is also available.

Os Series Spec Sheets (PDF)

ModelImaging Array Full Frame Rate
Os10-V3-4K3840 x 2400 Up to 1,000 fps
Os8-V3-S31600 x 1200 Up to 8,000 fps
Os8-V3-S21600 x 1200 Up to 4,000 fps
Os8-V3-S11600 x 1200 Up to 2,000 fps
Os7-V3-S31920 x 1280Up to 4,200 fps
5000 fps @ 1080
Os7-V3-S21920 x 1280 Up to 2,700 fps
Os7-V3-S11920 x 1280 Up to 1,350 fps
Os4-V3-S31024 x 1024 Up to 6,000 fps
Os4-V3-S21024 x 1024 Up to 4,500 fps
Os4-V3-S11024 x 1024 Up to 3,000 fps
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