Redlake MotionXtra HG-XL Imaging System

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Redlake MotionXtra HG-XR Imaging System

Competitive Advantage: Modular design, Color Image Quality, Remote control Lens, dynamic range control, 32GB of inbuilt record-time memory, battery-backup and best software control software, MotionCentral and integrated 2-D/3-D Motion Analysis software: MiDAS and ProAnalyst.

The extended record capability of the HG-XL, along with its rugged design makes it the perfect solution for recording high-speed events such as missile launches, explosives tests, and automotive rollovers. The HG-XL uses an exclusive 1.7 mega-pixel CMOS sensor to give you beautiful color images or crisp, clean mono images with greater sensitivity with up a State-of-the-Art 32GB of inbuilt Record time memory.

Redlake’s Modular design anticipates user growth in record time (8GB comes standard) as well as ability to upgrade to higher resolution sensors or low-light intensification. Inspired by the original Kodak designed color sensor technology, the HG-XL advanced CMOS sensor common in the HG Series, has true to life color images with patented Kodak Bayer color logrithim.

HG Series features the unique MotionCentral Software with low-light dynamic range enhancement for color and monochrome imagers which allow the camera to see in dark or overexposed images. Another unique features is fastest download in JPEG

Typical Applications

Best for Lab and R&D Testing

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At A Glance

Up to 1504 x 1128 resolution (color or mono)

Excellent resolving power to capture image detail even with a large field of view. The User-controlled resolution within 32 pixels/8pixels from 1504 x 1128 to 64 x 24 above 100,000fps.

Frame rates from 25 to over 100,000 in 5fps increments

Speed and flexibility to capture a wide range of high-speed events.

Supports more than 20 seconds of record time at 1000fps, full resolution

Extended record time for long events such as missile launches and vehicle rollovers and for biomechanical research.

Fast 5μs global electronic shutter

Reduces motion blur

Both color and monochrome models offer exceptional light sensitivity

Gigabit Ethernet® Ready

Ultra fast, industry standard 1000baseT control and 1000baseT Ethernet for super fast downloads and seamless integration into your network using your existing Category 5e cabling or super remote control and download with fiber links.

Preserves customer investments in legacy MotionXtra cameras

through the introduction of MotionCentral Software a Windows-compliant, easy-to-use Graphical User Interface that allows multiple camera (MotionXtra HG2000, HG-100+, HG-100K, or HG-TX imagers) viewing.

Rugged Design & unique built in Battery Back up

Withstands punishing environments up to 100G in any axis.
5.33″ x 4.15″ x 11.10″; 11lbs.

A back-up battery is included within the camera to preserve the recording up to 6 hours should a power failure occur after a recording event.

Real time color digital video at the camera for live and recording modes.

8, 16 and 32 Gigabytes of Record Time Storage
Flexible options to meet your long record time needs

Multi-camera Hub and Sync Unit for Vehicle Impacts

A multi-camera hub and sync unit includes an HG2000/HG-100+/CR/HG-TX interface to allow a diverse MotionXtra camera network with a single control PC over 10/100/1000 BaseT networks. (See photo above)

Variable Exposure and Triggering

Very fast 5µs shutter. Trigger frame can be set from start to end in one-frame increments.

“Handheld” Display Control Unit (DCU) or Laptop computer.

An easy to use, 10.4″ SVGA color touch screen control connects via 100BaseT connection to Camera or Hi-G hub. Outdoor Viewing Display or Monitor available – See photo above.

ProAnalyst 2-D and 3-D Camera Analysis Workstations

Rugged Workstations and Laptops with 2-D and 3-D motion analysis software provide a complete High Speed Motion Analysis System. (see pdf)

Lens Mount

C-mount and F-mount, with interchangeable housing are standard. Other type mounting is available.

The MotionXtra® HG-XL’s extended record capability makes it the true replacement for high-speed film cameras. At full 1504 x 1128 (4:3 aspect ratio) resolution and 1000 frames per second, an unprecedented 20 seconds of record time can be achieved. At 1504 x 846 (16:9 aspect ratio)
resolution and 1000 frames per second, the record time increases to over 26 seconds.

The camera features a fast 5μsec global shutter to eliminate motion blur and deliver razor sharp images with the high quality you have come to expect from Redlake. The HG-XR is network compatible with our MotionXtra HG-100K, HG-LE, and HG-TH cameras via 100 Base-T or 1000 Base-T (Gigabit) Ethernet enabling you to quickly incorporate it into your network for multi-camera support.

Redlake’s intuitive MotionCentral® software for camera control, including image downloading and viewing, offers compatibility across the entire MotionXtra product line.

The Ethernet interface allows remote camera control and fast 1000 Base-T transfer of uncompressed file formats including TIFF and compact Type-2 Bayer. High-quality JPEGs may be downloaded, providing excellent image quality at a fraction of the file size. AVI files using popular codecs (compressed or uncompressed) may be produced in tandem with any image download.

Redlake MotionXtra HG-XL Imaging System Spec Sheets (PDF)

Redlake MotionXtra HG-XL Imaging System data sheet
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