IDT MotionPro® Y-Series Digital Cameras

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The IDTRedlake Y-Series camera
Rear of the camera
Air Force Project Engineer George Moraru examines the illuminated temperature sensitive paint (TSP) coating on a 7-degree cone prior to a test program using both Y-Series and N-Series Cameras from DEL Imaging Systems. (Photo by Michael Smith)

The Y Series Digital Cameras are fully featured design with HDMI independent out with all connectors on back of camera.

The HD Series Y7S captures 1920 x 1080 High Definition images at full frame rates up to 12,300 fps.

The Y7 – PIV Edition system includes proVISION™ PIV software, the PIV image acquisition and processing software for the Microsoft windows environment.

The Y5S captures 2352 x 1728 images with a speed of 500 fps (up to 1000 fps in Plus mode) and partial frame rates up to 39.000 fps.

The Y4S captures 1024 x 1024 images with a speed of 5100 fps (up to 10,000 fps in Plus mode and frame rates up to 350.000 fps possible at lower vertical resolution).

The Y3 and Y3S capture 1280 x 1024 images with a speed of up to 6,000 fps (frame rates up to 100.000 fps possible at lower vertical resolution).

A large internal RAM memory, up to 64 GB accommodates long recording times. Three interfaces include Gigabit Ethernet, USB-2 and HDMI out) accommodate easy communication with multiple cameras (a mix of Y, X, M and MotionXtra cameras) and HD video output to viewfinder or HDMI/SDI monitor.

The design offers a high refresh rate during recording and playback through the digital HDMI-output. The use of composite materials and a smart mechanical design results in a shock resistant camera up to 100G. The optional battery pack offers the backup of the images in case of a power surge but also a autonomous use up to 60 minutes.

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At A Glance

Fast Shutter Speeds

Fast frame rates over 12,000 fps at full resolution to over 200,000 fps at reduced resolution depending on model

LabVIEW™ and MATLAB® plug-ins

Mac and PC compatible with LabVIEW™ and MATLAB® plug-ins

Image Resolution

Up to 2352 x 1728 pixels.
Color and monochrome models available

Gigabit Ethernet, USB2.0 and NTSC Video

Operate camera from remote locations via Gigabit Ethernet while using USB 2.0 for local monitoring.

Integrated and Synchronized Data Acquisition System (Optional- Data Acquisition 16 channel hardware)

Sensor I/O DA Hardware and control software add the capability to Sync High-Speed Images. Digital and Analog inputs can accommodate a variety of analog transducers, such as temperature, pressure and acceleration. Contact closures such as micro-switches, relays and analog threshold detectors are supported.

Low Light Camera Option included

For maximum sensitivity, MotionPro and Motion Xtra monochrome cameras come standard with removalable IR Filter (except the Y6 camera) as well as selectable programmable gain levels

Flexible Triggering and Recording Options

Enables record and capture of both controlled and intermittent events.

Analysis for engineers and researchers

LabVIEW™, MATLAB® and Adobe plug-ins

Intuitive Camera Control and Motion Analysis Software

Controls up to Four MotionPro cameras and accurately analyzes high-speed motion events on Windows or MAC OS software.

Gigabit ethernet and USB2.0 dual data interfaces

MotionPro Y cameras come equipped with the latest high-speed gigabit ethernet (GigE) interface. Utilize ethernet hubs to separate the camera and the host computer by hundreds of meters or more, or network multiple cameras from a single host computer.

Also, simultaneously connect the GigE and USB2.0 interfaces for increased versatility. For example, connect a tablet PC through the USB2.0 interface for local setup, while operating the camera from a distance through a control PC connected via ethernet.

4 to 16GB on-board memory with fast and automatic downloading

This standard 4 to 32GB memory allows >3seconds to 12 seconds recording time in the MotionPro Y3 (1280×1024 at 2,000 fps), which has a full resolution of 1.3M pixels, and MotionPro Y4 (1024 x 1024 at 10,000 fps) systems. Also, the recording time can be further increased by selecting a smaller region of interest.

Downloading the camera’s full 16GB memory is no longer limited by timing overheads associated with image compression and/or format conversions. Redlake’s MotionPro Y software contains a fast download option for quickly moving images to a temporary file in the host computer. The conversion process to the desired output begins in the background while the user is free to move on to the next acquisition. The automatic download option eliminates the need for repeated user intervention in order to download data. Simply command the software to download once and stop, or to repeat acquisition-capture N times prior to stopping.

A host computer containing a fast hard drive and extra RAM further enhances downloading with the MotionPro Y system.

Places zero restrictions on the location and size of the ROI

The ROI can be selected in increments of 1 in both x- and y- directions. Also, by reducing the capture size, the maximum frame rate can be increased. For example, MotionPro Y3 cameras can achieve over 128,000 frames-per-second while MotionPro Y4 achieves more than 400,000 frames-per-second at reduced resolutions.

XDR and selectable bit ranges

By utilizing an advanced XDR (eXtended Dynamic Range) mode of MotionPro Y3 and MotionPro Y4 and Y5 cameras, both dim and bright scenes can easily be acquired. While low light areas are boosted, saturated areas are minimized for effectively delivering better dynamic range.

Users can save the data either 8, 10 or more bits (when XDR is employed) per pixel to capture the maximum dynamic range.

Wireless PDA interface

MotionPro Y cameras can also be controlled wirelessly from a user’s PDA*. Simply leave a host computer (e.g., laptop) tethered to the camera, which will in turn establish a wireless connection to the PDA. Then use a stylus to control the camera’s operations.

iPod® interface

MotionPro Y camera systems allow users to download movies from their cameras to a (video) iPod for others to share and review on the go, freeing them of cumbersome PCs and laptops.

Segmented memory capture and time stamping

MotionPro Y systems contains a special feature known as “Burst Record on Command” (BROC) in which the camera’s memory is segmented for capturing multiple image sequences (bursts) with an option to download all or selected sequences to the host computer.

MotionPro Y camera systems also offer time stamping information which they store with images and/or movies. Simply select date, time, time from trigger, frame number, etc., to be displayed on the frame. For even more advanced range applications, MotionPro X cameras feature IRIG-B for synchronization among multiple cameras situated miles apart.

Database viewer

MotionPro Y camera systems’ innovative Database Viewer located inside each camera’s software suite automatically saves images and movie files along with experiment controls. It also keeps track of any other external devices such as iPods, timing hubs and data acquisition systems, so users don’t have to keep track of settings. Users can also personalize each frame or the entire movie with their own comments/annotations.

Double exposure and 100nsec global shutter (Short Integration Option)

MotionPro Ycamera systems are the only high speed CMOS cameras capable of taking two distinct frames with inter-frame times of less than 100nsec. Fluid mechanics labs around the world are already exploiting the cameras’ double exposure capability at high frame rates for particle imaging velocimetry (PIV) applications.

MotionPro Y cameras also contain powerful electronics that can shutter the CMOS down to 100nsec, which significantly reduces the motion blur of fast moving objects. Standard MotionPro X cameras allow shutter times down to 1 µsec.

LabView plug-ins

MotionPro Y camera systems come equipped with LabView vis precisely for complex experimental setups at no additional cost. These vis rely on National Instruments IMAQ image capture and processing libraries. Note that the LabView interface is available only on PCs.

Macintosh interface

MotionPro Y camera designs provide Mac-based MotionPro X software. All camera controls (except gigabit ethernet interface) are available for both Macs and PCs. However, an OS X (10.3 or later) is required for Mac operation.

Advanced triggering and circular buffers

MotionPro Y cameras contain advanced triggering options, including a circular buffer capture that allows users to continuously record to the camera’s memory. When a software or hardware trigger arrives, it captures a pre-set number of frames into the memory before and after the trigger. Such data is invaluable in applications where pre-trigger status of the system under study helps prevent failures.

MotionPro Y camera systems also come equipped with everything users need for high-speed image capture, including timing hubs, data acquisition systems and lighting aids.

Y-Series Spec Sheets (PDF)

ModelImaging Array Full Frame Rate
Y8-S31600 x 1200 Up to 9,300 fps
Y8-S21600 x 1200 Up to 6,800 fps
Y8-S11600 x 1200 Up to 4,000 fps
Y7-S31920 x 1080 Up to 12,300 fps
Y7-S21920 x 1080 Up to 9,000 fps
Y7-S11920 x 1080Up to 5,300 fps
Y52336 x 1728Up to 1,455 fps
Y4-S31024 x 1024Up to 7,00 fps
Y4-S21024 x 1024Up to 5,100 fps
Y4-S11024 x 1024Up to 3,000 fps
Y3-S21280 x 1024Up to 6,000 fps
Y3-S11280 x 1024Up to 3,000 fps
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