Redlake MotionXtra HG-TH Multi-Head Camera System

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Redlake MotionXtra HG-TH Multi-Head Camera System

Built on the same great design and extensive features of the industry-leading HG-100K, the MotionXtra® HG-TH delivers the excellence in image quality and the performance reliability that you have come to expect from Redlake.

The tethered-head design offers significant versatility with small, lightweight camera heads that fit into confined spaces or onto low-mass mounting surfaces. In addition to their compact size, camera ports are rugged up to 100 G. The camera controller is also rugged to 100 G and allows you to choose from one to four camera heads, and from 2 to 8 GB of memory. The HG-TH forms a complete imaging system with significantly reduced weight and an extensive feature set. You can choose the HG-TH configuration that best meets your specific imaging needs now and add more camera heads and memory later. The camera is fully compatible with the MotionXtra HG-100K and HG-LE, and Redlake HG2000, CR2000, and HG-TX cameras.

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At A Glance

Up to 4 camera heads with 752 x 564 resolution at 1000 fps; up to 100,000 fps at reduced resolutions

Redlake exclusive CMOS sensor with full-frame resolution of 752 x 564 pixels and frame rates up to 100,000 partial frames per second: There are over 6,000 combinations of frame rates. Here’s a sampling

752 x 564 pixels at 1000 full frames per second
512 x 408 pixels at 2000 partial frames per second
320 x 320 pixels at 3700 partial frames per second
320 x 240 pixels at 5000 partial frames per second
256 x 136 pixels at 10,000 partial frames per second
128 x 64 pixels at 30,000 partial frames per second
80 x 40 pixels at 50,000 partial frames per second

Up to 19.2 seconds of record time.

Redlake-exclusive CMOS sensor, color or mono

Very fast 5µs global electronic shutter eliminates motion blur

Choice of 4 models of Camera Controller with 2 or 4 camera ports, and 2 to 8 GB of memory

Rugged design, withstanding up to 100G in any axis

Fast, accurate, reliable camera networking

1000Base-T Ethernet for fast downloads

Easy viewing with both NTSC/PAL and Digital Output

The MotionXtra HG-TH is easy to set up and ready to use with a simple installation of MotionCentral™ software and an Ethernet connection. Within minutes, the HG-TH identifies itself and presents a live image on your camera control screen. The versatility and flexibility of the HG-TH are evidenced by its ease of setup and use, whether in a one-camera system or with hundreds of cameras on a network. Each camera head is “IP addressable”.

The Ethernet interface allows remote camera control and fast 1000Base-T transfer of uncompressed file formats including TIFF and compact Type-2 Bayer. High-quality JPEGs may be downloaded, providing excellent image quality at a fraction of the file size. AVI files using popular codecs (compressed or uncompressed) may be produced tandem with any image download. Designed as a complete imaging system, the HG-TH consists of four major components:

  • Up to four high-speed, rugged HG-TH tethered camera heads
  • Camera controller with expandable memory options and camera ports
  • An optional Hub Sync Unit, which functions both as a High-G Gigabit Ethernet switch and a precision time source providing frame synchronization of multiple cameras to within +/-2.5µs. The camera and Hub can withstand shock up to 100G in any axis.
  • MotionCentral™ software for camera control, image download and viewing is capable of supporting a large number of HG-TH, HG-LE, HG-100K and/or HG2000/HG-TX cameras in a dedicated camera network.


An optional tablet style Display Control Unit (DCU) makes the setup of remotely located cameras fast and easy. A small back-up battery is included within the camera controller to preserve the recording if a power failure occurs after the event.

MotionXtra® HG-TH Multi-Head Camera System Spec Sheets (PDF)

MotionXtra HG-TH Multi-Head Camera System data sheet
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