Redlake MotionXtra HG-LE Imaging System

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Redlake HG-LE Imaging System

Built on the same great design and extensive features of the industry-leading HG-100K, the MotionXtra™ HG-LE delivers the excellence in image quality and the performance reliability that you have come to expect from Redlake.

The HG-LE offers the same high-speed rates as the HG100K with half the resolution and price. The camera is fully compatible with the MotionXtra™ HG-100K and prior Redlake HG2000, CR2000, and HG-TX cameras.

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At A Glance

0.35 micron CMOS sensor exclusive to Redlake, color or monochrome

1500 fps at 752 x 752, up to 100,000 fps at reduced resolutions

1000 Base-T Ethernet for remote control and rapid image download to a PC

100G design for extremely harsh environments

Very fast 5µs global electronic shutter eliminates motion blur

1 GB memory

Compatible with all previous Redlake cameras (HG 100K, HG2000/HG-100+/CR/HG-TX)

As a self-contained camera, the MotionXtra™ HG-LE is easy to set up and ready to use with a simple installation of the MotionCentral™ software and an Ethernet connection. Within minutes, the HG-LE identifies itself and presents a live image on your camera control screen. The versatility and flexibility of the HG-LE are evidenced by its ease of setup and use, whether in a one-camera system or with hundreds of cameras in a network.

The Ethernet interface allows remote camera control and 1000Base-T fast transfer of compact Type-2 Bayer or TIFF format images.

Designed as a complete imaging system, the HG-LE system consists of three major components:

  • The high-speed, rugged HG-LECamera
  • An optional Hub Sync Unit, which functions as a High-G Gigabit Ethernet switch.The Hub Sync Unit ensures the frame synchronization of multiple cameras to within +/-2.5µs. The camera and Hub can withstand shock up to 100G in any axis.
  • The MotionCentral™ software for camera control, image download and viewing. It is capable of supporting a large number of HG-100K and/or HG2000/HG-TX cameras in a dedicated camera network.

An optional tablet style Display Control Unit (DCU) makes the setup of remotely located cameras fast and easy. A small back-up battery is included within the camera to preserve the recording should a power failure occur after the event.

Whether you choose the HG-100K for maximum performance or the
HG-LE for value performance, your imaging needs are covered. You can now select from two tiers of products, delineated by performance and pricing, all operating within the same networking environment.

Redlake HG-LE Imaging System Spec Sheets (PDF)

Redlake HG-LE Imaging System data sheet
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