Redlake MotionPro HS Series

This camera has been updated or replaced.

The MotionPro HS Series is being replaced by the Redlake MotionPro Y Series

The Redlake MotionPro HS Series camera

Redlake’s MotionPro® HS series of high-speed CMOS cameras combine excellent resolution to frame rate performance, along with the advanced features you require for accurate high-speed motion analysis on your PC or Mac laptop or desktop computer.

The enhanced sensitivity of the MotionPro® HS-3 combined with 1000 fps at 1280 x 1024 is perfect for research and development laboratory environments.

The blazing speed of the MotionPro® HS-4 of over 5000 fps at 512 x 512 is perfect for research and development labs and airbag testing applications.

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At A Glance

Fast Shutter Speeds

Fast frame rates over 5000 fps at full resolution to over 140,000 fps at reduced resolution depending on model

MAC compatible

Mac and PC compatible with LabVIEW™ and MATLAB® plug-ins

Recording Speed

Record rates range from 30 through 140,000 frames per second.


Maximum frame resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels.
Color and monochrome models available.

Low Light Camera Option

For maximum sensitivity, MotionPro monochrome cameras may be ordered with clear cover glass instead  of the standard IR Filter

Flexible Triggering and Recording Options

Enables record and capture of both controlled and intermittent events.

Analysis for engineers and researchers

LabVIEW™, MATLAB® and Adobe plug-ins

Intuitive Camera Control and Motion Analysis Software

Controls up to Four MotionPro cameras and accurately analyzes high-speed motion events on Windows 2000. WinNT-based software.

With the MotionPro HS camera integration could not be simpler. Just install the camera drivers and software, connect one or more HS Series cameras to USB 2.0 ports or hub, and you are ready to capture high-speed digital video. Control the camera system with the feature-rich MotionPro Central software or use the LabVIEW™ or MATLAB® plug-in. Or create your own control software using the detailed SDK.

Video capture with MotionPro HS series cameras may be initiated via software or a wide variety of external triggers including optical, acoustic, or electrical, as well as simple hand-held switches. Flexible recording options allow the user to capture pre-selected numbers of frames before and/or after receiving a trigger or to employ a double-exposure mode, which, with a 100 nanoseconds interframe time, is perfect for motion analysis on objects moving at very high speeds. Memory may be divided into multiple sessions with or without automatic download to assure no event is missed.

The Redlake MotionPro HS Series Spec Sheets (PDF)

MotionPro HS-3 data sheet
MotionPro HS-4 data sheet
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