ImageExpress MotionPlus

A Motion Analysis Software Package

The ImageExpressMotionPlus has been discontinued. Ask us about Alternatives

MotionPlus, from SAI, is a fully featured software product for sophisticated motion analysis of digital imagery

MotionPlus Software

From a standard PC the user can open industry standard digital image files for playback, review, file format conversion and editing.

A number of powerful auto_tracking tools can be applied to the imagery.   Feature recognition tools include positive and negative contrast points, quadrant targets and user customizable templates.  With the proper tool selected the user merely click on the points of interest and the software will automatically track those points throughout the image sequence.  Motion planes can be entered for scaling purposes in either English or Metric units.  A single options tool allows easy customization for specific applications.

Point kinematics can be easily plotted as either absolute or relational and can include displacements, distances, angles, velocities and accelerations.  The plots can be printed or output to other programs in tabular format.

MotionPlus enables the user to open multiple camera views and “lock: them for synchronous play.  Additionally sensors data can be imported, plotted and played synchronously with the imagery.

ImageExpress MotionPlus

Digital image file import
Review and edit
Motion analysis
Results tabulation and plotting
Report generation
File save