ImageExpress Model 200 from SAI



The ImageExpress Model 200 is a state of the art digital image processing workstation. It has been designed to satisfy the functional requirements common encountered when handling large volumes of digital imagery

ImageExpress Model 200

The control and download functions are designed specifically to maximize the usefulness of the Redlake MASD digital imagers. A capability to download multiple imagers in parallel dramatically reduces image capture time. The high performance RAID storage system easily handles the high throughput required as well as making the Model 200 an ideal imager server system.

Use of dual 1.7 GHz CPUs results in blazing performance that adequately supports the multi-channel network connection system and high speed RAID interface. SAI’s state-of-the-art industry standard motion tracking software permits measurement to be derived from the imagery quickly and easily.

The built in CD-Write function makes assembling CD-R’s with imagery, sensor data and a viewer for customer use as simple as clicking on one button.


ImageExpress Model 200

Control and download of digital cameras
Real time capture from analog sources (MAS Model)
Easy to use auto tracking motion analysis
Huge capacity, high performance RAID storage
CD-R publishing with free “Vision” viewer
Optional storage/archive options including DVD-RAM reader/writer and high capacity tape drive