Sports Orthopedics & Athletic Performance Evaluation System

Sports Science, Orthopedics and Biomechanics:

Del Imaging Systems’ Sports and Athletic Performance High Speed Imaging Package is being used in the growing field of Sports MED Motion HD. The system helps medical professionals prevent and diagnose athletic injuries including rotator cuff injuries, and elbow and knee injuries for athletes such as baseball pitchers and tennis players.

Sports MED Motion HD systems are also used for studying sports biomechanics such as pitcher mechanics.

Besides biomechanics and instant replay analysis, the Sports MED Motion HD System package provides an excellent tool for testing and evaluation of sports equipment including safety equipment, helmets, eye protection, ball, bats and puck dynamics, as well as surface dynamics of courts.

Each turnkey systems includes a state of the art high definition, high speed imaging system along with the latest in “Single Source” LED Lighting for high speed sports imaging

Typical Applications

Baseball Pitcher Mechanics
Shoulder Injury Diagnosis
Elbow & Knee Injury Diagnosis

Typical Camera Systems

CrashCam Stick HD

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Contact Us About This Camera

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