IDT MotionXtra: NX-Series Digital Cameras

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The IDT NX-Series camera
Ultra compact. Self contained
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The NX Series Digital Cameras are an Ultra compact design providing the smallest self contained system available.

The ultra small design adds even more durability and rugged capability up to 200Gs for field work. The system provides a unique solution for applications where space is a premium, including: microscopy, on-board automotive, airborne and airbag testing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles( UAVs), land vehicles, nose cones and landing gear testing.

The NX endorsed by university departments, manufacturing and automotive crash centers.

The NX series cameras weighs less than one pound.   Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) and the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute chose multiple N-series cameras for both onboard and offboard Vehicle crash testing in part because of the cameras lightweight footprint.  News: In 2018, the IIHS updated their onboard capability with the Os10-4K( 3800 x 2400 image resolution).

Unlike other “small” systems the NS-Series is fully autonomous and thus does not require to be plugged in to a console. The camera shares the same sensors and has the same functionality as other comparatively larger devices.

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At A Glance

Smallest Self-Contained High-Speed Camera with Standard 3 GB of Record Time Memory

Actual Size:60x60x75 mm, 2.36×2.36 x 2.72 inches

Approx. Weight 0.44 kg or 15.5 oz

Sensor Resolution (NX5) (NX3) (NX4)

Up to 90,000 fps at reduced resolution:
2352 x 1728(NX5)
1280 x 1024(NX3)
1024 x 1024(NX4)

New Integrated Design

NX-Xtra Integrated 60W LED Lights/Cables

NX-Air Built-in Battery, Wireless and GPS

Extended Record Time

Up to 5 GB of inbuilt record time.

Fastest Full Frame Rates with 2X Plus Mode Inbuilt

Fast frame rates over 4000 fps at full resolution (NX4)

Analysis for engineers and researchers

LabVIEW™, MATLAB® and Adobe plug-ins

Autonomous use up to 3 hours with the optional battery

Expanded Remote Use

200 nanosecond inter-frame time in double exposure mode

PIV and other ultra high motion blur reduction

Integrated and Synchronized Data Acquisition

Xcitex MiDAS DA with 8/16 channel hardware USB2 or PCI interfaces

Flexible Triggering and Recording Options

Enables record and capture of both controlled and intermittent events.

Intuitive Camera Control and Motion Analysis Software

Controls up to 100 MotionPro cameras and accurately analyzes high-speed motion events on Windows or MAC OS software.

Gigabit Ethernet

Operate camera from remote locations via Gigabit Ethernet

Each camera goes through this testing and is issued 3 certificates of timing accuracy, impact and ruggedness and vibration testing.

camera-vibration-test-certificate camera-impact-test-certificate

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