IDT MotionXtra M-Series

The IDT Redlake M-Series camera

The MotionScope M-series comprises two configurations of area scan cameras that are designed for use in industrial and research environments. The M-3 features a 1.3 megapixel sensor delivering over 500 fps via a standard Camera Link® interface, whereas the M-5 provides a very high resolution image with 4 million pixels and sustained rates over 150 fps. The camera electronics are packaged in a very compact and rugged housing capable of withstanding high g-forces and vibration.

Image capture to a computer system is done via a full camera link frame grabber. To ensure the best possible performance and ease of use, the M-series have been seamlessly integrated to operate with the MotionStudio software suite and most Camera Link PCI-E board solutions. The Motion suite and SDK integrates the M-series in a single software platform with IDT X-series, and MotionXtra camera systems.

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At A Glance

Smallest Self-Contained High-Speed Camera

Actual Size: 55x55x75mm, Weighs 0.32 kg

Analysis for engineers and researchers

LabVIEW™, MATLAB® and Adobe plug-ins

Operating System

Qualified under Win 32 and Win 64 (to optimize memory allocation)

Flexible Triggering and Recording Options

Enables record and capture of both controlled and intermittent events.

Intuitive Camera Control and Motion Analysis Software

Controls up to 100 MotionPro cameras and accurately analyzes high-speed motion events on Windows or MAC OS software.

Camera Link Interface

Image capture to a computer system is done via a full camera link frame grabber.

IDT M-Series Spec Sheet (PDF)

IDT M-Series
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