DEL Imaging Motion Analyst Series

The DEL Imaging Analyst Series

For Research, Design Engineering & Product Development

The DEL Imaging Motion Analyst Series is a unique, high-speed event capture and analysis system designed for advanced research, design engineering and product development applications. Combining state-of-the-art technologies into one integrated system, Analyst actively acquires and synchronizes up to four channels of high-speed digital video with up to 64 channels of sensor data in a flexible, modular system.

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At A Glance

Flexible Modular System

High-Speed cameras, data acquisition modules and quality tracking and analysis software.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

Accurate synchronization of video and external sensor data. Data analysis compatible with Microsoft Excel and Mathcad.

Analyst provides the measurement scientist with powerful information that highspeed video or data acquisition systems alone cannot provide. External sensor data from force transducers, accelerometers, strain gauges, pressure sensors, tachometers and other gauges provide additional insight into a process or measurement. This additional information – simultaneously acquired and very accurately synchronized – enhances the slow motion playback benefits of motion capture with high-speed video.

Additional optional motion analysis modules provide integrated mathematical, statistical, graphing and logical analysis features. Up to 64 image features can be tracked in video from frame to frame and the position information exported to a spreadsheet. An optional automatic download module enables Analyst for unattended capture, download and reset of triggered events.

All data acquired with Analyst can be exported to most engineering and scientific programs such as Matlab, Mathcad and Excel. Plus, Analyst can be phase-locked to time generators to synchronize with other experimental hardware.

Accessories including lighting, lenses, tripods, sensors, additional cameras and motion triggers are available for the completion of a custom turnkey solution for your high-speed imaging needs.

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