Synchronized Image & Data Acquisition

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moplssmThe Sensor I/O Data Module expands the flexibility of the Redlake MASD motion analyzers by allowing the operator to input electronic signals from external sources and display the data along with the images from the motion analyzers.

Sensor I/O Data Module

Captures Electronic SignalsInput electronic signals from external sources and display the data along with images from the Redlake MASDmotion analyzers.
Analog or Digital SignalsThe Sensor I/O Data Module accepts analog voltage levels and/or binary (digital) electrical signals. The Sensor I/O Data Module can have 4, 8, 16, 32 or more analog or digital inputs.

Display Sensor Data and Images Simultaneously

The Sensor I/O Data Module can accept analog voltage levels from transducers such as accelerometers and pressure sensors and simultaneously record this data along with the video image of a high-speed event. The binary status of electrical signals can also be sampled and displayed.

During playback, the data is displayed on the monitor screen adjacent to the actual images of the event, providing the operator a valuable diagnostic tool. For example, the pressure in a burst test or the position of a microswitch in a high-speed packaging machine can be correlated to the video image of the event at a precise instant in time.

The number and type of inputs to the Sensor I/O Data Module are customer specific. Analog inputs can accommodate a variety of analog transducers, such as temperature, pressure and acceleration. Contact closures such as micro-switches, relays and analog threshold detectors are supported.

The Sensor I/O Data Module along with a Redlake MASD motion analyzer, the ImageExpress Model 200 image processing workstation, MIDAS DA package, or ProAnalyst analysis software can provide synchronization of data and images in a total solution