Infinity Model K2 DistaMax

infk2Infinity’s long-distance microscopes are designed from the outset as true microscope systems, not merely reconfigured telescopes with close-focusing capabilities. The result is, that they yield true microscopical magnification and resolution equal to similarly-resolving microscope objectives, but at more than 20 times the working distance!

Infinity Model K2 Long-Distance Microscope

All-Internal Focusing
Afocal Variation System (AVS) Technology
Greatest Range of focus in the industry. Spherical aberration control. Modularity & compactness.
Variable Aperture ControlDepth-of-Field Control.
Controllable Brightness and Resolution.
Refractive OpticsSuperior Resolution.
Unobstructed Aperture.
Easy to UseSmall, lightweight, easy-to-use with user-selectable depth-of-field, magnification, resolution
and aberration control—at will—at any distance

Infinity Model K2™ DistaMax

The Infinity Model K2 is the most versatile long-distance microscope available. The K2 is designed to operate from infinity down to 51mm, depending on how it is equipped with supplemental objectives. The K2 is a multipurpose instrument, capable of use in visual, photographical or video modes. Depending on how it is equipped, accessories can be used to multiply, halve or zoom the K2’s magnification or to adapt it to a range of video/photo cameras.

The K2 is composed of a Main Body which contains its patented AVS™ internal focusing system, activated by rotation of the focusing ring. A clamp is provided (more can be obtained) to allow positioning and mounting capabilities. The K2 can be supplemented by a focusing Ring Lock for special requirements. On its front is a dovetail flange which links to the various supplemental objectives.


Besides the focusing ring, the K2 has a built-in iris diaphragm for depth of field and light attenuation control.


The k2’s magnification presumes one amplifier in-system. Amplifiers are lenses that supplement the K2’s magnification by 2x factors. The DL Tube can be ganged with another of its own kind and fits between the video camera and C-mount. Two ganged DL Tubes provide 4x amplification, or 2x K2 rated power.

If the K2 is used in video mode, the Tele-tube can be used to set the K2’s rated power to 0.25x its normal range.


The K2 functions best when the objective is as evenly and as brilliantly illuminated as possible. Intense lamps or fiber optic illuminators should be used. An adapter is available to mount 66mm fiber optic ring lights to the filter holders of all objectives except the CF-4.