ITI Rigid Borescopes

Rigid 19mm Borescope Model 13100
Rigid 24mm Scan/Zoom Borescope Model 135390

Get the shots from otherwise inaccessible areas using high speed scopes from Instrument Technology, Inc. Each scope is precision crafted to the highest standards and manufactured in the U.S.A.

ITI Borescopes lead the industry with the clearest optical images, the most innovative features, and the greatest cost-effective, top quality dependability on the market today


ITI Rigid Borescopes

ITI Quck DisconnectChange from video camera to eyepiece instantly.
High performanceSuperior visual performance - Bright, sharp, uniform images. Greater edge illumination.
Immersible ProbeProbe is fully immersible in liquids.
Integral Fiber-Optic Light GuideMaximum illumination to meet the demands of high speed video
Quick FocusFor faster and easier inspections.
Dependable Zoom PerformanceUnline other instruments with zoom eyepieces that result in FALSE magnification and loss of apparent illumination, only ITI offers a true 4x zoom borescope with dependable, exact performance (Scan/Zoom model only)

Available Models

Model 131050

ITI Rigid 19mm Borescope

  • Working Length: 20″ (longer lengths available)
  • Outside Diameter: 19mm
  • Direction of View, Right Angle (90°) Forward (0°) – Availbe in 40° or 70° Fiedl of Viwe (FOV) (specify preference)
  • Includes carrying case & foam


Model 135390

ITI Rigid 24mm Scan/Zoom Borescope Model 135390

  • Working Length: 20″ (longer lengths available)
  • Outside Diameter: 24mm
  • Direction of View, Variable Line of Sight, Axial Scan Range from 35° to 120°
  • Variable Zoom 4X from 10° to 40° or 5°to 20° Field of View (FOV), specify preference.
  • Includes carrying case & foam


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