ITI Flexible Articulating Fiberscopes

Dedicated Objective Model 135712
Interchangeable Objective Model 127012

Get the shots from otherwise inaccessible areas using high speed scopes from Instrument Technology, Inc. Each scope is precision crafted to the highest standards and manufactured in the U.S.A.


ITI Flexible Articulating Fiberscopes

4-Way ArticulationUp/Down ± 130°, Left/Right ± 130°
Ratchet Articulation LockingWith lock engaged, each step in the ratchet control offers approximately 20° of articulation angle an added benefit for documentation of defect location. Includes orientation system (Pointer)
ProTecht™ Over-torque ProtectionProTecht™ over-torque design significantly reduces costly accidental cable damage within the fiberscope that occurs when the operator tries to articulate the tip when the tip is constrained or tries to withdraw the fiberscope from an access hole before the tip has been straightened.
Ergonomic DesignThe only scope with single handed control of 4 way articulation and locking mechanism
High Resolution Image GuideSmaller diameter guides with greater number of fibers
Swivel Light GuideThe only scope with a Swivel Light Guide designed for left-handled or right-handed inspectors
Integral Fiber-Optic Light GuideMaximum illumination to meet the demands of high speed video
Chain Drive ArticulationProvides smoother action on user comfort
Rugged Stainless Steel ProbeRugged probe made from a heavy duty stainless steel jacket over a Teflon core to survive the toughest of working conditions.

Available Models

Model 135712

ITI Flexible Dedicated Objective Articulating Fiberscope

  • Working Length: 1M – Meter (longer lengths available)
  • Outside Diameter: 12mm
  • Direction of View, Dedicated Forward 0°, – FOV 60° or 100° (specify preference)
  • Includes carrying case & foam
  • Model Number: 135712/12mm/1M


Model 127012

ITI Flexible Interchangeable Objective Articulating Fiberscope

  • Working Length: 1M – Meter (longer lengths available)
  • Outside Diameter: 12mm
  • Direction of View, Forward 0°, – FOV 60° or 100° (specify preference)
  • Interchangeable viewing heads provide smother action, end user comfort. Available in the following Line of sight (LOS) & Field of View (FOV): Forward & right Angle (LOS)
    20°, 40°, 60°, 100° (FOV)
  • Optional Prism Right Angle Tip for better image quality.
  • Includes carrying case & foam
  • Model Number:  127012/12mm/1M


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