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DEL Imaging Systems

DEL Imaging Systems LLC provides cutting-edge, high-speed video cameras and motion analysis products and services to scientists, engineers, and professionals specializing in:

Aircraft and Weapons Testing Research & Development

Vehicle Crash Testing

Product design & testing

Drop tests

Machine design

Quality assurance


Product testing

Production troubleshooting


Animal locomotion studies

Fracture analysis

Sports, Medical,
Athletic Performance


IDT Os Series High Speed Digital Video Cameras

   The IDT Os-4K Series camera

DEL also supplies unique solutions for high speed imaging of airborne weapon systems, and for use in airborne manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as well as providing complete systems with 3-D Motion Analysis software and state of the art LED, fiber optic and HMI Lighting Systems.


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In addition, DEL markets specialty optics including rigid and flexible lenses and scopes (See Accessories), as well as hardware and software for Motion Analysis including synchronized image and data capture (See Data Analysis Tools).

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New AOS PROMON 501 high speed streaming camera for direct into your PC recording. Long recording times of minutes or even hours allow to record, analyze and archive a complete process in all detail, important to detect trends and to catch those sporadic and intermittent occurring incidents. Recording speeds vary up to 7,400 fps. Learn more about the AOS PROMON 501

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IDT Os Series Compact Digital Cameras provide the most flexibility in high-speed imaging products on the market. Ideal for Aerospace, Underwater and Automotive Applications Learn more about the IDT Os Series Cameras

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High Speed Digital Cameras for U.S Navy Aircraft and Weapons Testing To Be Provided by DEL Imaging Systems. DEL Imaging Systems announced the sale of state of the art, high speed imaging solutions to the U.S. Navy for testing of advanced tactical aircraft as well as weapons testing. These solutions should help the Navy achieve their testing goals and ultimately reach Full Operational Capability on its weapons systems and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Read the Press Release

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Our Sports, MED, and Athletic Performance High Speed Imaging Package is being used in the growing field of Sports MED Motion HD. The system helps medical professionals prevent and diagnose athletic injuries including rotator cuff injuries, and elbow and knee injuries for athletes such as baseball pitchers and tennis players. Learn more about the Sports MED Motion HD High Speed Imaging System

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DEL Imaging Systems leads the industry with number of 3-D ProAnalyst Motion Analysis Systems installed and projected using new small camera designs from IDT and  AOS Technologies.  The industries endorsing our complete system include athletic and consumer product manufacturers, medical centers, medical device manufacturers and aerospace testing and Mechanical Engineering departments funded by NASA, NIH and DOD.

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New releases include The Y Series has been expanded to go up to 32GB of inbuilt record time at lowest price available in the high speed marketplace….. and new the Dual port 12-LED Light and Single LED Source kits expandable to 4 heads with advanced efficiency to produce the brightest non-heat generating light source available.

See the Redlake “ Y " series high-speed cameras

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Trade-ins and Demonstrations Systems are available for purchase including Motion-Xtra and MotionPro Systems.

Industry Applications 
Typical motion analysis applications in some key industries and markets:
bullety.gif (85 bytes) Automotive Industry Applications
bullety.gif (85 bytes) Biology & Medical Market Applications
bullety.gif (85 bytes) High-Speed Manufacturing & Packaging Applications
bullety.gif (85 bytes) Microelectronics Industry Applications
bullety.gif (85 bytes) Military & Aerospace Industry Applications including airborne weapons separation high-speed cameras
bullety.gif (85 bytes) Sports Industry Applications
bullety.gif (85 bytes) Articles & Case Studies: a look at how specific companies are using motion analysis systems:
High-speed CMOS imagers are flexible: Laser Focus World February, 2004, Written by  Tim Brandt, Applications Engineer, Redlake MASD
Manufacturing High Speed Packaging Case Study: General Mills uses a MotionMeter to keep packaging lines running smoothly.
Biomedical Application Case Study: Medical Device Research & Development: Boston Scientific uses a Redlake MASD Motion Analyzer in the development of their Rotablator® catheter.
Biomedical Application Case Study: Muro Pharmaceutical and Image Therm develop a nasal spray characterization system utilizing a Redlake MASD Motion Corder Analyzer.
Microelectronics Industry Application Case Study: Thomson Consumer Electronics cuts product testing time.
Microelectronics Industry Application Case Study: Lucent Technologies uses a high-speed motion analyzer Model 4540 from Redlake MASD to record the complex sequence of events in impact testing.
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High-Speed Video Cameras (Chart):

bullety.gif (85 bytes) Data Acquisition and Analysis Tools: Products for image capture and motion analysis.
bullety.gif (85 bytes) Accessories: We have all the accessories you need including Sensor I/O Data Modules for synchronized image and data acquisition, Long-Distance Microscopes, and  Fiberscopes and Borescopes from ITI.
bullety.gif (85 bytes) Equipment Rentals: DEL Imaging Systems is a full-service high-speed digital and video systems rental company renting NATIONWIDE. We have one of the most diverse inventories of high-speed digital and video cameras in the world.
bullety.gif (85 bytes) On-Site Service: When you need high-speed imaging we'll come to you. And we'll bring the equipment and the know-how to see and solve your high-speed application.
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Our Clients

DEL Imaging Systems built its reputation providing industry leaders and innovators in their field with high-speed motion analysis equipment. It has been DEL Imaging Systems' privilege to assist these and hundreds more see and solve unique high-speed applications:
National Institute of Health.
United Technologies
Smithsonian Institution
General Electric
Ingersol Rand
New York University
University of Connecticut
John Hopkins Uinv
Graco Children's Prods

US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Union College
Mass General
CT Children's Medical
United States Tennis Association
CBS Sports
ESPN Sports
TNT Sports

"The Hurt Locker"
Michael Schrom and Company
Kirkland and Ellis
The Starn Twins


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